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Enabling Ecosystem Collaboration with RelativityOne Connect

Liz Lieberman

e-Discovery is a team sport. Sometimes, that team lives solely within the four walls of your organization—and you and your colleagues are able to tackle a project without outside assistance. But often, the team grows to bring in all-stars from trusted outside counsel and service providers, who can help bring a project to the finish line with additional expertise.

This is a good thing. Part of the power of Relativity has always been the abundance of collaboration in our community. No one should feel like they’re out to sea without a life preserver when a truly massive or heinous case walks through the door.

But working across organizations in this way can also add some complications and vulnerabilities that, let’s face it, are far from ideal. In particular, the hassle of managing multiple login credentials for the different RelativityOne instances you may need to access in a given week or month is no small inconvenience (and the need to pay for multiple instances of the same user isn’t great, either). Plus, security can be compromised when users are tempted to repeat passwords across instances or, worse, pull data in and out of instances to collaborate with different members of their teams.

Today, though, you can put that pain behind you. Say hello to RelativityOne Connect—and goodbye to all those woes.

What is RelativityOne Connect?

Connect allows you to use a single identity to access all of your RelativityOne workspaces and instances without added cost, taking you from enterprise collaboration amongst your internal teams into the bigger, brighter world of true ecosystem collaboration. Enabling this teamwork across organizations will empower you to work more efficiently with your trusted law firm or service provider, while practicing smarter security and reducing user fees across instances.

In short, corporations can connect with outside experts when they’re needed—more efficiently and securely than ever. Law firms can, too, while consolidating their work for clients and creating bespoke experiences for each with less hassle. And service providers have more freedom to invest in what makes their offering unique, reducing time spent on managing instances and instead spending it on building tailored services and solutions.

RelativityOne Connect is available in the cloud as of today, March 2. To set it up, visit our documentation site  for detailed instructions—and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need a hand. We’re excited to support your efficiencies with Connect and are happy to help you get started.

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Liz Lieberman is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity, working closely with the product teams to understand customer needs and strengthen the platform.

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