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Automate your first-pass privileged review with generative AI

Pinpoint privileged information and reduce disclosure risks with speed, accuracy, and confidence.

AI-Powered Privilege Review, All in RelativityOne

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Leverage advanced AI

Get more accurate and consistent privilege review predictions by using the latest approaches in large language models, natural language processing, machine learning, and social network analysis.

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Work faster with fewer resources

Scale your privilege review process and help your team focus on more strategic activities. aiR for Privilege does all the heavy lifting.

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Reduce disclosure risks

Prevent clawbacks and safeguard your reputation. AI surfaces all privileged content and gives you a deep contextual understanding of your data.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

The proof is in the numbers. Learn how leading organizations are cutting through the noise and focusing their privilege reviews.

Greater Protection, Better Results

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Conduct end-to-end privilege workflows

Automate first-pass privilege review, prioritize the review of potentially privilege documents, and build a privilege log with ease, all from within RelativityOne.

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Get trust in transparency

aiR for Privilege offers deep insight into why documents are marked ‘potentially privileged’ – giving your teams confidence in the results.

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Analyze people, not just documents

Utilize social networks graphs, external profiles, and additional data to develop a deeper understanding of the individual communicating and their role and privilege status.

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Share learnings across matters

Build a brain of knowledge over time that enhances future privilege reviews and drives consistent results.

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Get the best of human and artificial intelligence

Empower your teams to confidently leverage the latest AI through proprietary workflows that deliver the proper checks-and-balances, with extremely high recall and precision.

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Be confident in your results

Gain peace of mind with more consistent and explainable privilege review decisions, privilege log summaries, and AI that learns from matter to matter.

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