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Find what matters, faster than ever

Fly through review with generative AI. Relativity aiR for Review powers more efficient, consistent, and higher-quality document review, right in RelativityOne.

Accelerate AI Document Review

Quickly identify the most impactful content across thousands of documents, with transparent rationale on why that content matters.

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Responsiveness Review

Predict responsive documents for production, or QC results from a traditional review before it goes out the door.

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Issues Review

Locate material related to various legal issues that are important to your case strategy.

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Key Document Identification

Find hot documents right at the start of your case – including important material that is often found late, or even missed.

Unlock More Potential with Thoughtfully Designed AI

aiR for Review was created with insights from the people who know review best: our customers. Make a bigger impact with AI that’s built for you.

  • Quickly establish case expertise

    Use your review protocol as the basis for aiR for Review’s analysis, iterate on results, and identify important criteria and issues in far less time.
  • Validate output and build confidence

    Get detailed explanations and citations around every prediction to help evaluate and defend results.
  • Get consensus on key insights

    Consistent, AI-backed coding recommendations reduce the discrepancies and knowledge gaps that come with traditional review.

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Generative AI for e-Discovery

We developed Relativity aiR for Review on top of Azure OpenAI Service. Learn how we're working together with Microsoft to solve your biggest legal challenges.

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Beyond the Bar: Gen AI as a Transformative Component in Legal Document Review

Learn how Relativity and Redgrave Data evaluated early versions of aiR for Review and its ability to conduct first-pass review in a real legal matter.

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