Analytics in RelativityOne

Amplify your efforts with AI.

Analytics is fully integrated into RelativityOne, so you can leverage it on every stage of every project.

Relativity Analytics - Perform early case assessment icon

Perform early case assessment

Analyze people, terms, and concepts and eliminate irrelevant info from the start. 

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Prioritize your review

Organize documents by conversation, concept, and language to uncover similarities and define what’s most important.

Relativity Analytics - Analyze interactions icon

Analyze interactions

Zoom in on individuals to learn all about them. How many emails have they sent? Who have they talked to? The answers are all there.

Discover Insights Buried in Your Data

Benefit from powerful artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology that transforms data and brings valuable findings to light.

Catch hidden meanings

Analyze content based on concept – rather than terms – to find codewords and other phrases you may have missed.

Visualize, then analyze

Pick what data you want to see and how you want to see it with unique visualizations that give you clarity and insight into conversations and documents.

Reduce data volumes

Automatically weed out repeated, non-relevant content with saved searches that leverage common exclusion criteria.

Organize and prioritize material

Arrange your documents by custodian, conversation, concept, and language to uncover similarities, control what is brought into focus, and get down to a targeted list for review.

Analytics is all part of RelativityOne. Ready to learn more? 

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