Technology-Assisted Review

Find the most relevant documents with two powerful technology-assisted review workflows: active learning and sample-based learning. Choose the workflow that works for you, or use a combination of both.

The Speed of Active Learning

RelativityOne’s active learning workflow leverages machine learning to continuously assess what’s important and serve up relevant information faster.

Accelerate insights

Code documents, and active learning will automatically surface the most relevant ones next.

Leverage real-time intelligence

Every coding decision makes active learning smarter. No extra input needed.

Get started with minimal setup

Stand up your project right away – and without a single training set.

Jump-Start Your Review with Sample-Based Learning

Let RelativityOne do the heavy lifting, while you focus on reviewing only what’s relevant.

Save time & money

Give RelativityOne a seed set of documents, and it will suggest coding decisions for you. Work with it to refine its understanding and save on your review.

Review smarter

Send documents that are coded responsive to your most qualified experts. Pass the uncategorized ones to other reviewers for QC.

Trust a proven & accepted workflow

RelativityOne’s sample-based learning workflow has been proven effective by hundreds of organizations and approved by courts across the globe.

Assisted Review is all part of RelativityOne. Ready to learn more?

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