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How did they do it?

  • Improved review accuracy and efficiency with custom workflows, automation, and Analytics
  • Gave their client more insight into cases with customized reports and views
  • Helped paralegals shift focus from technology to attorney support

Small Team, Big Challenges

In today’s world of high-volume data and soaring legal costs, corporate executives are demanding that litigation managers reduce legal expenses and improve case outcomes.

But, when a Fortune 500 company had a large litigation portfolio and only a few paralegals serving as project managers, things got tricky.

In need of a major e-discovery process improvement, the company had three goals in mind:

  1. Defensibly manage a high volume of small, client-specific contractual matters
  2. Reduce the redundant review effort across multiple cases with many documents in common
  3. Manage risk and reduce costs

Ultimately, they chose RelativityOne, in part for its flexible capabilities in tackling every phase of any e-discovery project.

But, that wasn’t the only reason.

The in-house team also wanted a partner to help shape the technology for their unique needs—while also maintaining a direct relationship with Relativity and keeping full control of their e-discovery data and processes.

Enter ProSearch and RelativityOne

The company needed a RelativityOne Partner of Record—a solution provider to expand on Relativity’s support, provide data management and processing help, assist with case strategy and workflow development, and oversee data migrations.

Ultimately, they chose ProSearch for several reasons:

  • Experience with RelativityOne in the company’s industry
  • A track record with technology and proprietary workflows
  • Breadth of demonstrable custom IP
  • Data analysis expertise
  • Advanced knowledge of reporting, especially to Tableau

The company felt confident that ProSearch, with their experience and forward-thinking approach to discovery management, could provide everything they wanted and more.

The Best Things Happen in Threes

ProSearch dove in to understand the legal team’s unique needs and built custom solutions to solve their specific challenges.

Ongoing support and consultation, as well as seamless collaboration with Relativity, have made ProSearch, as the company’s RelativityOne Partner of Record, an extension of the in-house team.

After just two months of collaboration, the team started to see some amazing results:

  • Cleared a 24-day project backlog in just 10 days
  • Improved review accuracy and efficiency, thanks to custom workflows and automation
  • Created customized reports and views offering insightful patterns on the portfolio of cases, ultimately leading to:
    • More informed case decisions
    • Intelligence to strengthen the case strategy
    • Insights on costs and budgeting
  • Formulated new approaches to managing the company’s litigation portfolio with custom analytics and reports

Most importantly, the burden to build deep knowledge of specialized discovery processes has been lifted from the company’s paralegals, allowing the team to focus on more high-value litigation and attorney support work instead.

Overall, the company says that ProSearch has exceeded their expectations of the technology’s capabilities by delivering exceptional support and consultation, advanced solutions, and new workflows tailored to their needs.

“The three-way partnership among ProSearch, Relativity, and the in-house team has been a model for success,” says Scott Bailey, director of client solutions at ProSearch. “We’ve gained a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs, and we’ve been able to collaborate with Relativity on comprehensive and ever-improving solutions. This has enabled our customer to experience exceptional support and more quickly realize value from our partnership.”

“The three-way partnership among ProSearch, Relativity, and the in-house team has been a model for success.”
SCOTT BAILEY, Director of Client Solutions

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