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How did they do it?

  • Gained reliable, proactive support by bringing RelativityOne in house
  • Migrated 70 workspaces in one month to RelativityOne
  • Used Redact to automate redactions, save time, and improve efficiency
  • Increased – and more effectively managed – their growing caseload using Automated Workflows


Gained reliable Relativity support by bringing the solution in house

  • Managing RelativityOne in house gave the firm greater access to Relativity’s support and community enablement teams.
  • Monthly check-ins with their account team keep them up to date on new features and improvements designed to maximize efficiency.
Thompson Coburn - RelativityOne

“Going direct with RelativityOne enables faster adoption and greater innovation."

Matt Wessel

Director of Litigation Support


Migrated 70 workspaces in one month to RelativityOne

  • The firm found the process so simple that a migration team of two, one being a new hire with no Relativity experience, was able to use Migrate with minimal training.
  • This prevented the firm from needing to hire an outside consultant, saving money.
Thompson Coburn - RelativityOne

“Migration was a mountain that turned into a molehill. It was an amazing, efficient process for us."

Matt Wessel

Director of Litigation Support


Increased efficiency by keeping the redaction process in house

  • Prior to adopting RelativityOne, Thompson Coburn had a multi-step redaction process involving migration of data between workspaces.
  • This caused delays for their clients, added risk to the process, and required manual steps for their team members.
  • In RelativityOne, the firm applied Redact to a live case where they were reviewing invoices paid to an organization.
  • In seconds, the team was able to auto-redact every instance where the organization name appeared in the native Excel file.
Thompson Coburn - RelativityOne

“Nothing compares to having this ability baked right into RelativityOne. Nothing. It was a seamless process of adoption. In our first use of Redact, over 900 markups were done in 47 seconds. It was insane!”

Miriam Parrish

Litigation Support Manager

Automated Workflows

Grew their caseload and their team using Automated Workflows

  • The firm saved significant time by eliminating the need to monitor and manually advance workflows.
  • Looking back over a three-month period, Thompson Coburn estimated they’d saved 12 days of time using Automated Workflows.
  • Because of this, the firm has been able to take on more matters, more data, and more clients – leading to growth of the firm's project management and litigation support teams.
  • Automating key workflows also means complex processes are easily and quickly adoptable by new hires, enabling smooth onboarding and successful growth for the firm.
Thompson Coburn - RelativityOne

“Automated Workflows has been integral to our practice. Not only does it increase efficiency, it mitigates risk.”

Miriam Parrish

Litigation Support Manager

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